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Be A Digital Pro – Coding Class #3 is part of a program that specially designed to help you understand what’s its like to be able to work in the digital and tech field.  Digital and tech is the future of many work fields, and the time to start learning is now! Our third coding class is part of the intensive class, suitable for you that wanted to work in the production side of tech business.

Code Class 03 – “Intro To Designing a Web”
You will learn about

  • What’s it’s like to build your own website
  • Web development process
  • Intro to HTML 5
  • Intro to CSS3

You will also learn a real live experience from KUDO, one of e-commerce startup around website making and what’s its like to be working in a digital industry. Class will start at Saturday 15th of July from 10.00 – 15.00 at KUDO, Jl Radio Dalam Raya [sebelah gedung Grand Lucky].

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Don’t forget to bring your own laptop and charger. See you girls at 15th of July!